Wednesday, April 11, 2012

North South Trail Preparations

I've been busy lately. This past week I have been making shopping trips and formulating recipes and preparing food and gear for a week long ramble on the North South Trail. 
The North South Trail is approximately 76 miles long, it starts in Charlestown, RI and makes its way north along the western half of the state and goes all the way to Burrillville where it connects with Massachusetts' Midstate Trail. The North South Trail is the longest hiking trail in Rhode Island, it travels through neighborhoods, on roads, along scenic forest trails, through farms, over glacial boulder fields and through a nice collection of Environmental Management areas and historic villages. 
A fantastic voyage! 
I made a similar excursion in 2010 after Rhode Island's little flood, however, this trip will be my first long distance hike as a raw foodist.
[Last year I hiked 3 of New Hampshire's 4000' mountains on a high raw diet, an amazing experience.]
Planning for this year's North South thru-hike has been really interesting (at least as far as my food bag is concerned) but I think I've found a good set up for myself. 

Nuts, seeds and dried fruit will reign supreme!

But will be supplemented with green juice powder and sprouted grain granola. 
✽      ✽      ✽      ✽      ✽      ✽
I'm excited to talk about another powder which I will be bringing, Health Force Vitamineral Earth, an amazing addition to any green juice. I have been using their zeolite for a while and recently decided to try this blend and I love it! It's loaded with all kinds of amazing things: 
Ingredients: 100% TruGanic™ 
Earth Below: Astragalus Root , Burdock Root, Nettle Root, Marshmallow Root, Yacon Root, Dandelion Root, Carrot, Ginger, Rhubarb Root. 
Earth Above: Red Clover Blossoms, Slippery Elm Bark, Watercress, White Oak Bark, Corn silk, Kelp, Cinnamon Bark, Blessed Thistle, Sheep Sorrel. 
Earth Seeds: Sprouted Flax Seeds, Sprouted Chia Seeds, Milk Thistle Seeds. 
Earth Broth: Miso, Chili Powder, Paprika, Sage Leaf. Providing essential organic sodium and grounding spices of life. 
Earthbiotics: Massive array of both implantable lactobacillus species and NSOs™ (Natural Soil Organisms™) 
Actual Food™ Nutrient Array: (containing 100% organically bound: Chromium, Selenium, Molybdenum, Manganese, B-Vitamins, Beta-Glucans, and all necessary cofactors)** 
**Grown on saccharomyces cerevisiae. 
Energetics: Shilajit + Magnetic, Homeopathic, Energetic, & Vibrational Enhancements.
Magnetically sanitized and purified. 
100% TruGanic: TruGanic™ is a purist, hard-core quality standard significantly beyond Organic. In addition to no pesticides being used anywhere in the growing process, TruGanic™ includes authentic standards for production, nontoxic cleaning agents and pest control, electromagnetic radiation, processing agents, additives, air quality, and actual verification of purity. 
** These statements have not been evaluated by the F.D.A. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. 
I've been using it, I like it and I recommend it.
✽      ✽      ✽      ✽      ✽      ✽
One of the little treats I came up with for the trail is a variety of date and nut bars, inspired by Larabar
I've got 4 different flavors: 
Apricot Almond, Apple Cinnamon, crazyCashewcrazyCookiecrazy and Coconut Cacao. 
★     ★     ★     ★     ★
Oh hey, I'm going to share one of the recipes with you:
Apple Cinnamon Sherpa Bars
Ingredients: Date, Cashew, Apple, Cinnamon
Use a food processor to chop 1/4 cup Cashews • Then use it to process 1/4 cup Dried Apple Slices • Now process 1/2 cup Dates • Combine well • Add 1/2 tsp. or more Cinnamon • Knead till well combined.
Makes approximately (2) 4 oz. bars

For more information on the North South Trail check out:


  1. How did it go? I did it in segments over the winter. Love the blog - check mine out, always good to see RI hikers blogging.

  2. How did your hike turn out?

    We also have a North South Trail here that goes along the area of Land between the Lakes. This is in Tennessee and Kentucky.

    Good luck!