Friday, May 19, 2017


Wobbly ankles and the asphalt absorbs the weight of my tumbling asunder.
I needed a good shave on the left side.
Cut back the old growth, the season of renewal is upon us.

Monday, March 27, 2017

And I The Fire

You are a well!
A cistern of cool crisp water
In the desert of the mind!
I would delight in nothing more
Than to dance and delight in
Your elegant song!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

More Man

Pie eyed and mystified,
Crystallization complete,
Watching the play from Plato's seat.
You took my hand and led me
Out of the dark allegorical cave.
Count me among the spectators,
Observing specters,
Sand sifting through the fingers
Of both hands.
Hands please,
That gentle welcoming glance.
Overburdened fire quenched in the
Waiting sea.
First crow then gull now cardinal...
I see!
Poinsettia pointing to where the sun sets.
Just slightly to the west of me.
There, a new haven.
A song bird with eyes all aglow.
Nestle down beside me.
Teach me what you've discovered,
Let it not be brief,
Angles and angels
And clouds on the ceiling,
Where Muir burns myrrh,
And Frankenstein scents assemble.
St. Paul, thank heavens for these gifts,
My silent spirit has received a lift!

Saturday, March 25, 2017


Sleeper awake!
The alarming sirens beckon!
All these names, faces, people and places...
Stumbling over numbers,
Staring extra hard at all the clocks,
Waiting for the time
I've been told I would recognize.
Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!
There it is!
In the trees!
Sensing all the subtleties.
Are we giving, taking, sleeping or waking?
What position are the hands in?
Reconstructing a lost fine art...
The gift of judging matters of the heart.


I saw a forest,
A grove,
A stand,
A single special tree.
I know I will leave an offering here.
Perhaps that which enchants the tree
Will bear blossoms or fruit for me.
I sit and marvel at how the breeze frolics
Through the bending branches.
I hear the birds sing.
I dance to the song,
The call of the wild,
Howling past my ears-
And I listen,
Should something click into place,
For this must be the place,
Yet, this is not my home.
A stranger in a strange land...
But the math adds up!
And in the dream I've been here before.
Guide my hand and guide my heart-
Set the inner watch and remember
When I awoke with a start,
At just the perfect setting on the clock,
That precise moment-
Time to embark.
Sunrise calling me to that familiar stream,
I hope if I awake, it wasn't only a dream.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Is it not Christmas?

Watching it all go round and round
The carousel of the mind
The sickening hum
My tired whine
Thought I had a call from home
Just debt collectors on the phone
Reminding me that the prize is not mine
That motivation is hard to find
I try to keep my eyes closed
Knock knock
Nobody's home
South Bronx parasite
Red white and Hoo Hoo Hoo

Friday, March 17, 2017

That faint orange line grows by the sea,
Over the houses and trees,
Pourin itself out for me.
The dark knight recedes.
Sleep is placed in our pocket &
We rush out into the world.
I would like to take my steps slow,
I have no knowing of where the current will flow or of its rate of travel.
I sit in contemplation,
Allowing this light to grow,
Awaiting the melting of the snow.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Did Stephen Just Teach Me To Garden?

I think I caught a glimpse of...
No, wait...
It's gone.
Feeling a bit lost,
How's the plot go?
Start small?
Maybe 3 x 5?
Build soil?
Cover crop?
Hmmm, clover?
Something about red too...
It's guess I'll have to go over it. ∞

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


There is no snow,
There is only you.
There is no rain but the reign of the Most High.
There is no wind, just a wind-up toy.
Return to the Sun,
Revealing it's reflection upon its counterpart,
And she too, moving mountains,
With a gentle ebb and flow.

Monday, March 13, 2017


Where do you go if up is down and down is up? When will it be if time is more than illusion? Feeling like a sour dill. I guess they left me in too long. Maybe Ive just been sleeping. I don't understand.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

It's Cold Out There

I am my eye,
You are tú.
Say oui to Δ!
Luckily we clove on clovers,
Get to 6, pick up sticks because ○`
> ∞ or 9,
You'll need to bring the fire inside.

Ding, Ding!

Bells in the distance.
Heat drumming on the baseboards.
Sirens singing the songs based on sine,
"a saw-tooth waveform with complex sub-harmonics,"
And then silence.
Now I breathe &
the waves break upon
the beaches of my heart.
And the grove of beech,
In the forest of my mind,
Stretch ever upward,
In search and praise
Of the Great Light.

Sometimes its Hard to Re Member

When I don't catch the sunrise
I feel like a bucket head
What a great way to start to pop that top
Put some Buckethead on the radio
Re member with some reggae
Celebrate the King of Kings!
The sun is home
Staring at me from the southeast
As I type with thumbs alone
Feeling prime mate

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

We'll See

When wonder's water wheel,
Brings that point which I marked,
Back around to me,
I will see me in you and you in me.
We look eye in eye,
& I & I,
Forever will we dance.
Dance the fears away.
The city never sleeps,
But at times this body must rest.
When the stars fall heavy on my eyelids,
My blanket I will seek.
And your grace I will keep.
Love with all my heart.
Loving all,
1 sea.

Click Clack

The war of yesterday bears the weight
Of transitional ink today.
What wonders will the pen leave behind?
Vomit black sick
Awaken again and breathe.
This is the place.
Where ever in the world it be,
You will find me,
Open armed awaiting your embrace.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Wind Me Up

Sleepwalking with ghosts
Ribbons of truth descending
Through the layers
So much time, not enough time
Hoo would have thought
This awl would be popping another
Notch in my belt.
Gathering stones, collecting thoughts.
Rain water fills the bucket.
Let it grow.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Where Seldom Has Heard

Knock, Knock

Guard Dogs

The guards
We'll find you
Sleeping in the wake
Dreaming dreams unreal
It must be true.

Just a Smudge

Clary sage is balancing,
So they say.
Let me smell just to be sure.
Hmm, yes...
Very familiar.


MT I repeat,
Be leave I repeat,
Crushing the worms inside of me.
Relics of the past calling out to me.
Eyes try to breathe,
The youthful fountain of tears,
Tearing it's crocodile teeth into me.
I thought in FL I'd be free,
Man, what a leaning tower I'm building.
And I hope I didn't crush your spider legs,
Little widow,
As the cupboard door swung closed.

Peace of Pi

Mourning breaks & cracks
The egg of my slumber & like the worm
I writhe from the muck.
I push myself out onto the concrete.
No regrets.

Goodnight Knight

Static lightning in the dark
To catch it with sight &
Not just a crackle a pop
The majesty of a thunder strike
Upon my blanket
In the middle of the night
What a treat as I rest my tired feet
My head sinks into the pillow
Like the banks of the river
By the weeping willow

Here we go again

Moon day,
Follows the Sun's day,
We put our heads back down
And grind along
Preparing for day 2, Martes, Mardi;
Mars' day:
Awaiting the hump of the great camel
to take us to the Promised Land.
Everybody loves on Freya's day,
when the great clam shell opens,
Displaying the pearl of the return of the Sun,
But only once we pass though the
greater malevolent, bearing the weight of lead,
does the glint of gold arise on the horizon
of the mind. ∞