Saturday, March 25, 2017


I saw a forest,
A grove,
A stand,
A single special tree.
I know I will leave an offering here.
Perhaps that which enchants the tree
Will bear blossoms or fruit for me.
I sit and marvel at how the breeze frolics
Through the bending branches.
I hear the birds sing.
I dance to the song,
The call of the wild,
Howling past my ears-
And I listen,
Should something click into place,
For this must be the place,
Yet, this is not my home.
A stranger in a strange land...
But the math adds up!
And in the dream I've been here before.
Guide my hand and guide my heart-
Set the inner watch and remember
When I awoke with a start,
At just the perfect setting on the clock,
That precise moment-
Time to embark.
Sunrise calling me to that familiar stream,
I hope if I awake, it wasn't only a dream.

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