Sunday, March 26, 2017

More Man

Pie eyed and mystified,
Crystallization complete,
Watching the play from Plato's seat.
You took my hand and led me
Out of the dark allegorical cave.
Count me among the spectators,
Observing specters,
Sand sifting through the fingers
Of both hands.
Hands please,
That gentle welcoming glance.
Overburdened fire quenched in the
Waiting sea.
First crow then gull now cardinal...
I see!
Poinsettia pointing to where the sun sets.
Just slightly to the west of me.
There, a new haven.
A song bird with eyes all aglow.
Nestle down beside me.
Teach me what you've discovered,
Let it not be brief,
Angles and angels
And clouds on the ceiling,
Where Muir burns myrrh,
And Frankenstein scents assemble.
St. Paul, thank heavens for these gifts,
My silent spirit has received a lift!

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